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Hello world!

Welcome to my first post for faithtwins. Faith Twins, although not biological twins we are twins of the heart and soul. It reminds me of playing the piano. Have you ever played “Heart and Soul” with a friend on the piano? I remember how fun it was to sit on the piano bench side by side each person playing their part. The bass player kept the steady beat and the treble player could just let loose and play like crazy. Well that is how the faith twins harmonize together. We create programs that harmonize spirituality with our everyday lives. Lives filled with good, sad, anxious, joyful, loving times.

Today has been an extremely stressful day as one of the faith twins under went serious surgery this morning. Waiting to hear that all went well was the really hard part. We are so used to having everything done in “microwave” time. Relief was just a phone call away. At 12:30 I suddenly had the urge to light a tall candle to keep the vigil and remind me to pray; to surrender to God’s will.

Isaiah 43:4 “You are precious in my eyes.”

July 22,2008