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The Blossom No Longer Needs the Seed

…the resurrected spirit no longer needs the physical body.

Someday it will all be as it should be, we will be with God in heaven.

I will walk in the presence of the Lord.

The Blossom No Longer Needs the Seed

Ground Bound No Longer

If we do not believe that Jesus was raised from the dead then what

is the point in believing anything else?

Nothing else matters if you do not believe in the Resurrection.

In dying we do not perish…we become the beauty of pure joy.

Ground Bound No Longer

Outside the Boundaries

By the grace of God I am what I am…

The sinful woman with the alabaster flask saw something in Jesus that the Pharisee could not see.

Outside the Boundaries

Love is the Reason

Love surpasses everything else in life.

We exist because of the love the Father has for us.

We are saved because of love.

When we love we come closer to God.

Love is the Reason

Be Yourself

Stop trying to be someone other than the person God has created you to be…YOU.

No one can take your place. You have no understudy.

Be Yourself

Her Pierced Heart

Our Lady of Sorrows

Every mother knows their life will be punctuated with joys and sorrows; Mary was no different.

Her Pierced Heart

Two Pieces of Wood

Sunday. September 14, 2014

Let us look to the cross for love, compassion, and humility.

The cross…two pieces of wood made sacred and holy by the blood of Jesus.

Two Pieces of Wood

The Cup of Blessing (from Scripture4you blog)

Scripture4you post September 13, 2014

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The Cup of Blessing