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Fresh Squeezed Inspiration

My sister and I are on a health kick to minimize our mid section…our tummy. Part of our daily preparations consist in making this special drink…well it’s just water. Ok maybe not just “water”. This water right from the faucet is doctored up with some lemon, cucumbers, ginger root, and 12 mint leaves. After letting this concotion infuse the water overnight and you have a refreshing tasty drink. The editor-in-chief of Prevention’s Flat Belly Diet book calls this “Sassy” water. The idea is to remind you that things are going to be different when you begin this new eating plan.

So every night as I am preparing my pitcher of “Sassy” water I slice one fresh lemon. I seem to see metaphors with so many routine , everyday tasks. So what can you do with a lemon metaphor?  Lemons are brilliant yellow; a color that is happy, bright, vibrant. Why do think happy faces are yellow? It’s the color of happiness. 

How many natural yellow things can you think of? Sometimes an artist will use yellow to depict the rays of sunshine. I feel happier on a sunny day. How about you?

A lemon has quite a few seeds for such a small piece of fruit, a thick textured outer covering, inside the pulp sections divided by membranes, and not to mention the juice. A versatile yellow fruit that fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

These individual sections contained within a lemon remind me of all the different rolls of my life…woman, daughter, sister, wife, daughter in law, aunt, sister in law, friend, neighbor, teacher, writer, lover.  The lemon I cut tonight had 12 sections..wow…I am one of 12 children. All of these rolls are a part of who I am just as the sections are part of the lemon. The seeds are scattered throughout the sections of the lemon. The seeds of my life are also scattered throughout, not isolated to any one section.

Living in the south where it can get very hot; a tall glass of lemonade can be a welcome refreshment. While we have instant lemonade drink mix today nothing can compare to the flavor of fresh homemade lemonade.

In order to make lemonade you must squeeze and rip up the inside of the lemon. Then and only then can you release what you are seeking…the juice. The lemon juice alone does not by itself make the refreshing drink we can enjoy.  You must add water and some sort of sweetener like sugar.

Certainly when you are making fresh lemonade the seeds and most of the pulp are discarded. In order to make fresh lemonade in our daily lives we too must discard the seeds and much of the pulp. I’ve found that it can take great courage to discard the seeds and then the pulp of our lives. Many times I have been reluctant to discard just the seeds in my life not to mention the pulp. How blind and unaware I have been of the wonderful “lemonade” I could make with my life if only I could let go of the seeds. Those things not necessary for “lemonade”, but held on to, are hard to find.

Sometimes God makes the ultimate lemonade with our life by bringing us home to Him. Bringing us home to share in the eternal Glory with all those who have gone before us. Taking care of all the seeds of our life and transforming our very pulp into more than we could ever imagine. I wonder if we will see color in heaven.

Other times we are challenged with the task of taking the lemons including the seeds and making our own lemonade. Cutting the lemon and painfully squeezing out the precious juice. Making our own lemonade is not just for ourselves but to refresh those around us too. I hope that I have been lemonade for others without my knowledge. The anonymous refreshing lemonade!

Only you know how to make it a “lemonade day”.

I look forward to hearing your comments and stories about making it a “lemonade day”.


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