Everyday Spirituality


Faith Twins is a blog I started to support my ministry to the women in my community. I typically use anologies to connect spiritual things to my real life. My most recent blog posts have been inspired by my best friend’s battle with terminal cancer. Since her death I have been using this platform to process my feelings. Hopefully as others read my writings they will find something that they too can relate to in their life.

We are all on this journey called LIFE together. I hope to make a difference in another’s life through my writings here.

I usually post on Monday or Tuesday of each week. Please stop by often; there just might be a tiny jewel waiting here for you to discover.

You are always welcomed and appreciated here.

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  1. Del Maschke said:

    My response to Sharon Brown’s posting “Fester Within”-

    Wow…I am so touched that one word inspired you so profoundly! Truly I am in awe of how our Father allows His Spirit to move in each of us. Your visual description of how the pus must come out before the healing can even began – sums up exactly how I felt about my own situation. Thanks

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