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Who am I?

Cassting Crowns muscial group has recorded an awesome song titled “Who Am I”. Today I receved this very creative video choreographed by a youth group in the Netherlands. It is inspiring to see the creative way they used white gloved hands and a blacklight. A blacklight reminescent of the  days of the flower children when it was so cool to party in a dark room with blacklights hanging form the ceiling.

I have this thing about hands. We use our hands for so many wonderful things. We can care, nuture, nourish, clean, pray, heal, comfort, entertain, praise, soothe, admonish, carress, and the list could go on all with our hands. God did an awesome thing when He gave us hands. Look at your hands and try to appreciate all the good that you can do with your hands. They are just one part of our whole body, but such an important part. Our hands can be graceful as a ballet dancer’s. Our hands can be strong when building a house. Our hands can welcome a stranger and make him feel welcomed. Our hands can applaude the accomplishments of another. Our hands can craddle the gift of life, a newborn baby. I appreciate the gift of our hands and pray that I use my hands in such a manner to give praise and glory to God in all ways.

Please enjoy this video yet another way to praise God with our hands.


Enjoy and God Bless,

Faith Twins

July 27, 2008