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The Landscape Changes

Superhighway, business route or detours? The landscape changes!

On road trips driving through some cities, especially in the West, you are given the choice of taking the bypass instead of the business route. We usually take the superhighway bypass in order to avoid the daily traffic, but mostly to miss the stop lights. The bypass conveniently takes you around the busy business district. It may take you a little out of the way, but it usually takes less time.

Business routes were created to provide access to the cities and towns from the interstates built to bypass these cities and towns. The business route being the original highway passes through the cities and towns. In the interest of progress though; superhighways came into existence.

If life is a journey, then do we have choices between the ‘business route and the superhighway’? I think often we may unconsciously make a choice. That unconscious choice in my life has often been the superhighway route. I think our fast paced society and big city lifestyle encourages the ‘super highway’ mentality.

A business route or loop was a means to entice travelers to exit and use the services available in that town. Taking this route meant you wanted to experience the town along with the locals…the mom and pop shops…the local cuisine…the well preserved architecture…the historical town square.

In life too we come to junctions. There comes a time when before us lies the ‘business route or the super highway’ junction. Just as when we travel sometimes there is a detour and we have no choice but to take the alternate ‘business’ route.

This is where I find myself…at the junction…being forced to exit the ‘super highway’ and take the detour with my friend. Often when you take the detour you are not quite sure where the next turn will lead you. Often the unknown route hampers your ability to appreciate where you are at the moment. You cannot see that diner or clothing store as a favorite with the locals. You just want to get on with your trip.

Taking the alternate route is not necessarily a bad thing it just may take some adjustment time.

Time to adjust to the changed landscape…this changed landscape that may soon become the new normal and familiar landscape all because of a detour off the highway.  You may even discover the best ever mouth-watering lemon meringue pie, or quaint antique shop with a plate exactly matching grandma’s teacup.

No use to be frustrated or angry. It is where we are. We adjust and learn to see things differently. We are noticing the gentle touch on the arm as the daily health care procedures are performed. We are noticing the glowing smile of a grandchild as she tenderly says, “I love you so much, memere.” We are savoring laughter with good friends as one would savor a glass of fine aged wine.

We may never return to the superhighway, but that is alright because we have the love of one another to help us maneuver through this ‘business route’…this detour.

The landscape may change, but we will continue on our life journey.

Superhighway…business route…detours…all a part of our life journey together as friends.

There are treasures to be discovered in life even on the ‘detours’.

We will keep our eyes, hearts, and minds open to the unknown treasures that lie ahead.

Fresh Squeezed Inspiration

You do know that you have the power to choose? I don’t mean like choosing what to wear to work or when to eat. I mean choosing important things like what your reaction will be to any given situation.

 Since I seem to to fixated on lemonade these days, people have asked me about the lemon seeds.  You decide how to view the “seeds” in your life just as you choose the ingredients for your Lemonade Day.

 No two days are alike- you are the unique ingredient, the recipe developer.  How do you look at the “seeds” in your life? What do you consider the seeds to be. Is it an illness, an misunderstanding with your best friend, a lost job, a broken marriage, an addiction? I am sure you each could fill in the blank with many more things you think are seeds.

 In making fresh homemade lemonade I would certainly discard the seeds without giving them a second thought, but without the seeds there would be no lemon. Without the lemon there could be no lemonade. What do you do with the seeds in your life? As we all know, a seed when planted can bring forth new life. One small seed contains an abundance of life. One small lemon seed can grow into a tree producing many more lemons and seeds. Perhaps we need to closely examine the seeds in our life and open ourselves up to their potential for more. Sometimes we unknowingly collect these seeds in our life and carry them around as extra baggage never realizing their hidden beauty. Maybe we live under the weight of our lemon seeds because we never realized that we could use them for new lemon trees. New lemon trees producing bright yellow lemons waiting to release their juice for refreshing lemonade. Imagine how different your life could be IF you planted more of your lemon seeds. Imagine the vast grove of lemon trees you could personally be responsible for as the planter of your seeds.

I challenge you to risk considering what your lemon seeds could produce if you just let them. Slicing lemons for my “Sassy” water gives me a chance to appreciate the possibilities of my “lemon seeds”. The possibility of what might be.

Make It a Lemonade Day! Squeeze out every drop of flavor!

Sharon for Faith Twins