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Little children cherish each day so much they do not even want to go to sleep. Nightfall, when you are little is the end a fun filled day with all of your toys. It takes a few years before you come to understand that going to sleep is how you get to have another fun filled day. Going to sleep keeps you healthy so you CAN play and enjoy the next day.

Have you ever been reading such a good book that you did not want it to end? I think many readers of the recent Harry Potter series felt that way at the end of each novel…and now they are sad because the series is finished.

Have you ever walked out of a movie feeling like you wanted more? Believe it or not I felt that way about the movie Avatar. I know the story was not real, but there was a beautiful message of love there…even if the main characters were blue.

I have been alone on retreats when I did not want the time to come to an end. The quiet time alone with the Lord…I have been on vacations I did not want to end…I have had relationships with friends that I did not want to end…I have had relaxing massages I did not want to end.

But the truth is all things must come to an end…good or bad.

Nothing lasts forever.

Every breath we take comes to an end. Every cell in our body comes to an end.

I think endings are by nature pregnant with beginnings. Endings and beginnings are hooked together like a chain. Beginnings and endings are intimately connected to one another. When possible a new beginning link will emerge as a result of an ending link.

When my husband brings me a bouquet of beautiful roses for our anniversary their beauty predictably fades after few short days.

Just imagine for a moment if we had no endings in our life. If we had no endings would we ever have the gift of beginnings?

I must admit that I sometimes find it hard to get rid of clothes that no longer fit. I would still like to wear some of my favorite clothes, but I cannot find that size 6 body anymore. It ended sometime after I turned 40.

There are things in my life that I am glad have come to an end. We can even joyfully anticipate certain endings like pregnancy, getting up through the night with a sick child, an awful job situation, a loved one returning home from war.

Some endings are in our control, but many are out of our control. Perhaps the endings we cannot control are the more troubling ones. The endings we do not see coming at all are most difficult to accept. How does one wrestle with an unwelcomed ending? Some never come to terms with an unexpected ending. Instead they become bitter, live in anger, and rob themselves of new beginnings.

Eventually most emerge from the pain and then the possibility of new beginnings becomes a surprising realization.

Must we allow new beginnings? Can we just lock ourselves away and live on denying that beginnings are possible for us?

Without the possibility of new beginnings

we have lost all hope.

I hold on to the belief that with this profound ending, the death of my friend, comes the birth of something even more wonderful. I am not sure if any other ending can compare to the ending of a loved one’s life. The loved ones remaining here feel like they are standing on the shore waiting for the tide to bring back the loved one.

The end of a loved one’s life is so permanent, yet births a glorious beginning for them.


 Alpha and Omega

Eternally linked together.