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~ To LOVE Tenderly ~

We are called
to love tenderly…
to serve one another…
to walk humbly with God!

You may be familiar with the ‘MacDonald’s’ Breakfast email. A woman has accepted the challenge from her Sunday school teacher to spread the love of Christ by smiling to at least three strangers.

While at breakfast with her family she encounters two homeless gentlemen whom she greets and finally buys them breakfast too.

Through her small act of smiling at these two strangers she is drawn in to something greater. She is filled with God’s grace to be more…to do more…to give more…to walk humbly with him. In return she is emotionally blessed to her own surprise.

Last night during the Grammy’s we watched a new show starring Kathy Bates on NBC. She plays an attorney who leaves her six figure patent attorney practice to set up her new practice in the inner city.

Harrie, as she’s called, begins defending people no one else would even talk to much less represent in court. It was a very inspiring show drawing attention to how serving the forgotten people with tender loving care can have a positive outcome.

Today is Valentine’s Day. I challenge you to befriend in some small way, through smile or kind gesture, a stranger.

We are all called to love tenderly.

To walk humbly with God serving others is to love tenderly.

Ps. Hope you have written that love letter or poem! If not you still have time…it only need take a moment of your time to express your love.