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Living Inside Out

Have you ever thought of turning yourself inside out? I have.

My skin covers so much of what makes me who I am.

Do you think what is inside is more important than what is outside?

I have always been told not to judge a book by its cover. But in reality I must admit I am influenced by the cover of a book. I definitely select books with titles that are appealing for whatever reason. I notice the illustrations and the graphic designs even the chosen colors.

If you really share yourself with another person it is almost like letting them see our insides. There have only been a few people in my life that I can honestly say have seen me inside out.

When you are inside out there exists the chance of greater vulnerability. You take a risk. The other person may see what is missing in you. They may recognize your weaknesses. But all is not lost when you are inside out because your inner strength and beauty is also exposed.

I remember thinking it was funny when a small child would put on their shirt inside out. The seams with all their frayed edges and pieces of threads were hanging out for all to see. Those were supposed to be kept hidden inside only to be seen by the person wearing the item of clothing.

Then one day a designer decided to make a fashion statement by purposely marketing items of clothing with the seams on the outside.

Clothes worn inside out became a short lived popular fad. There are just some things that are less than aesthetically pleasing.

I think when you are sick it is a challenge not to live inside out. Eventually your outside begins to reveal what is happening on the inside. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. You cannot hide it, even though initially you may try. Even the perfect seamstress cannot keep the frayed edges tidy.

The more inside out you feel the more intently you must look for abundance in your life. When your frayed edges and raw seams are exposed to the whole world you slowly begin to accept their beauty too. Dangling threads and raveling edges, I confess, are not my idea of abundance.

The gift in living inside out I found with my friend was the challenge to be open about all things. There are some words you must keep in your heart. You cannot tell them that you see their frayed seams. You cannot tell them they do not look like you wish they did or even how they used to look before.

If you love this person you come to a point when you embrace the inside of who they are in spite of their exposed seams. Because what you have really loved about this person has always been inside. True the beauty of the ‘cover’ may have caught your attention initially, but that is overshadowed in time. When you love someone even if they must live for a time inside out; you see their true beauty. For in the end it is only God, the divine seamstress, who can repair all of the frayed edges. God alone makes all things new.

May God bless you with people who see your frayed seams and dangling threads, but continue to love you anyway. May God restore you to true beauty as He sees you.

That is what he has done for my friend…I put my trust in Him.