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Soul Stirrings: Drenched Senses

During this Holy Week we are literally drenched with what it means to be a human being. During this most Holy time we repeatedly hear proclaimed every aspect of what it means to be a flesh and blood human being. You might say we hear Jesus’ last days depicted through the ‘good, the bad, and the ugly’.

On Palm Sunday Jesus is gloriously greeted as one would welcome royalty into Jerusalem only later to be mocked, scourged, and spit upon. How does one begin to comprehend the dramatic chain of events that followed his triumphant entry?

This whole week our senses are pressed into overdraft. We are presented with Jesus celebrating his ‘last supper’ with his beloved disciples. The very men he called by name to ‘come and follow’ him. The men he most likely confided in and shared so many intimate things about who he was and what his heart desired to teach. These men had witnessed his healing touch and his ability to bless baskets that never emptied. They sat together on this night. They shared a simple meal of bread and wine. Jesus first attended to their human physical needs…nourishment for their bodies.

But then Jesus did something he had never done before…he rose from the table filled the basin with water and began to wash their feet. He knelt at the feet of each man and took their dusty dirty feet into his holy hands and poured the cool refreshing water over their feet. Jesus became ‘the humble servant’. He looked up into their eyes and down at their feet. He lovingly washed their feet as they sat speechless in confused disbelief.

How many times, Lord, do I also sit in confused disbelief?

How many times have I been speechless?

Would I sit still and let you wash my feet, Lord?

 If only I could wash his holy feet.

If only I could hold his foot in my hands and caress it with love and care.

If only I could kiss his feet that would be pierced with the nail.



May we be ever mindful of Jesus walking beside us.

May we be ever mindful that Jesus would have humbly washed your feet and my feet.

This week our senses are drenched with how Jesus fully embraced what it means to be human while holding within his Divinity.