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Fields of Gold

Today was filled with mixed emotions. I had four personal encounters. Each one of us had/ has a strong connection with my friend. I felt so wrapped in the love she scattered in her wake. When she came into your life you were never the same.

The first encounter was with the person closest to her. We stood together sharing our impressions of her presence in our life today. I have felt the presence of her love around me as a golden color.

Several years ago sting recorded a beautiful song titled Fields of Gold. This song came to my heart today; not so much for the words but rather for the melody. Some of the arrangements are lyrical like a lullaby and others are very strong and powerful.

When you love someone there are those times of tenderness and times of powerful emotions. Of course emotions cover a wide range of variances. Today I am feeling the tenderness.

As I encountered each person today for very different reasons I felt embraced almost held by her spirit. It was as if she knew that today I needed to feel her with me.

A shared lunch was one of today’s encounters in a tiny Chinese restaurant. We laughed and shared stories about what was happening in our lives.  I felt our friend was sitting with us enjoying our conversation as much as we were. The meal ended with the traditional Fortune Cookie. Not really thinking too much about the words on the tiny paper I glanced at them as we continued to talk. How very special to see these words ‘Look up an old friend if you’re feeling down’ hidden inside the cookie. Oh, my gosh!

There we were, two old friends sitting together, held closer together by our shared friendship. How beautiful is that? As I think back it brings tears to my eyes…tender times of friendships past and present. I read my fortune out loud and we smiled at one another nodding affirmatively. I will keep this fortune snug in my purse.

Months from now when I am purging my purse of useless tidbits I will come across this subtle message and joyfully remember this day.

Four friends graced my path today as if they had all four corners of my life covered. Even as I was having my health checked the peace of her presence was evident. It is surreal how all of this intersected on the same day.

The drive home was blessed by fields of golden yellow flowers, which made me think of the Sting song. He was not singing about Black Eyed Susan flowers but there they were shining brightly faces turned up to the sunlight.

The final encounter came with the ringing of the phone…another close friend touching me with her words of understanding and concern.

I was carried through the day from one person to the next like a sweet symphony.

I can honestly say it was a most beautiful day.

If you are one of the four people who touched my life in a special way today please know how much I cherish each of you in my life.

You covered my day with golden flowers and please know fortune cookies know what’s best.

‘Look up an old friend if you’re feeling down’

safely tucked inside my purse.