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Gratitude and Abundance

This week I watched an interview clip of a popular vocalist commenting on her successful life as an entertainer. Through her tears she was reflecting on the question of ‘why’? Why had God given her talent and a voice that others enjoyed so much? Within her acknowledged abundance she took a moment to give thanks to God and to show her appreciation for what he had given her.

In contrast, I recently spoke with a woman who had returned from a mission trip to a poor area in Guatemala. She was so touched by the generosity of the local villagers. They had so little by our standards but so much appreciation and gratitude for even the mere presence of the missionaries in their village.

Sometimes in our life we blindly take things for granted and in this state of mind gratitude and appreciation become diluted. They become camouflaged.  When we live in the land of ‘milk and honey’ day in and day out appreciation disappears as if obscured in a heavy fog.

Is it true that the more abundance you have in your life the less thankful you are…I wonder? Do you feel “entitled” to live where you want, have the house you want, drive the car you want?

What would you be able to appreciate if it all disappeared tomorrow morning?

Would you struggle to be grateful or would you sink into the quicksand of resentment and anger?

I pray that I would have the strength to continue to be grateful in the face of heart break and pain. I had this strength demonstrated to me when I had the blessing of meeting Mary. (Not her real name) Just six months ago she lost all of her belongs in a house fire. This devastating tragedy also claimed the life of her husband. I was so touched by the way this woman expressed her gratitude for what she had left in her life.

In my abundance of life, health, friends, family, community, faith, and love; I still miss opportunities to be more mindful.

Do not let abundance in your life disguise the many opportunities to express your gratitude and appreciation.

St. Paul tells in his first letter to the Thessalonians 5:18,

“In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”

Together let us give thanks to God: his love is everlasting and

he is “especially fond” of you.

With Grateful Hearts…