Everyday Spirituality

Thrift Store Surprise

The Laced Edged Plate…

When you are living the simple life you learn to also be frugal. You become serious about bargain hunting.

When you are living a ‘temporary’ simple life your decision making processes are different. You are more aware of what is really necessary. You assess the available space for storing each item.

This particular day we decide to locate the nearest Good Will Store. We are on the hunt for old fashioned TV trays. You know the ones with the beautiful painted scenes of still life or the country farm house. Apparently they are now vintage and the monetary equivalent of a collector’s item.

When I was a kid these little trays were handy for using in the living room while watching TV. Duh!

The kitchen was another room back then and there was no television. So someone came out with this new invention…a portable collapsible individual table. They were light weight and could easily be tucked away when not being used.


After looking on line it was clear that we were not going to easily find these little trays on tubular legs. This is when we got the idea for the Good Will Store. We are not frequent thrift store shoppers it just seemed appropriate.

They have nothing close to what we were looking for….but none the less there were some hidden treasures on the shelves.

In life you often stumble upon something of value while you are actively looking for something else. That is exactly what happened as we walked leisurely up and down the aisles.

We have moved across the street to a smaller room now. We have nothing that could be considered appropriate for drinking wine; before we had the cute juice glasses. We used those, just fine.

There were many glasses sitting on the dusty shelf. Some were even engraved with  people’s names. What happened to ‘Dick and Jane’? I wondered. Why did they get rid of these wine glasses bearing their names? Did they get new glasses? Were they stil together? Paused to send blessings to these two people wherever they were…

Eventually we agreed on two plain crystal wine glasses. It was important to my husband that we find matching wine glasses. He finally was able to locate a pair of matching wine glasses.

Just below the shelf of glasses the real surprise lay in hiding…beautiful china dinner plates. These were fine china white with a lace pattern rimming the edge.

The plates in the hotel are; well let’s say dull and boring. These were delicate and beautiful. Even my husband thought they were perfect to go with his wine glasses.

Oh, there was only one question; nothing was marked with a price tag. So we agreed on a certain amount we would be willing to pay and proceeded to the register.


We presented our new found treasures and asked, ‘How much?” To our surprise she said ninety-nine cents each. We were thrilled. Now we had two proper wine glasses and two real china plates for dinner.

Simple does not mean you must sacrifice the finer things in life. You may have to change your attitude about what those finer things truly are.

Sharing a glass of wine together and eating off of these beautiful lace edged plates; today translate to some of our finer things.

Allow yourself to be surprised when you least expect it.

Life can be as wonderful as you want it to be or as miserable as you want it to be.

Which do you choose?





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