Everyday Spirituality

Easter Lily

Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his faithful ones. (Psalm 116)


I wonder what kind of celebration might occur in heaven during the Easter season. Is there joyful dancing and songs of praise? Do they circle round the Lord lifting up their voices in thanksgiving? Or perhaps in heaven every day is filled with Easter joy…but I am just imposing my own time frame on eternity. How silly is that?

I was looking at the Easter Lilies clustered throughout the church property. They are large white flowers which when fully open resemble the bell of the trumpet. They lift their heads and play their silent songs of praise.

The fully open blossoms reveal a deep empty center. Within this empty center emerges the slender green stems supporting the bright yellow pollen puffs…this dusty yellow pollen carries the necessary mixture for the propagation of the next lily.

Out of the depths of this lily comes new life…just as death leads us into our new life with Christ.









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