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Breath of Heaven: Sneak Peak

Sending you all a little sneak peak of my Christmas post titled Breath of Heaven.

May you each be surrounded by the Breath of Heaven this Christmas Day.

May the Peace of Christ, the Word made flesh, be with each of you.

There is a popular Christmas song called Breath of Heaven. I like the arrangement sung by Amy Grant. This song suggests that the birth of Jesus was a breath from heaven. The image of the Nativity we have accepted for many years depicts the infant Jesus surrounded by barn animals. All present waiting for the birthing process to commence. Mary and Joseph’s breath mingles with that of the animals. The breath of Mary intensifies as the head of Jesus crowns. All are breathing in the very air created by God the Father. When the baby, Jesus, is finally born the focus turns to his breathing. Suddenly what matters most is only the breathing of this tiny newborn…Jesus. Mary’s breathing is now combined with her tears of joy at the birth of her Lord.

Please enjoy the scenes from the Nativity movie as you listen to the

lyrics of this beautiful song sung by Amy Grant.




Comments on: "Breath of Heaven: Sneak Peak" (2)

  1. Cathryne Gardner said:

    Sharon…this is mesmerizing…beautiful…touching…so real. It helps me experience the Christmas story that I’ve heard since childhood in a new, fresh way. It makes me appreciate the hard choices that Mary and Joseph had to make…to stand in faith…to trust in God…to be totally vulnerable to his will. Thank you for this beautiful gift…Love, Cathryne

  2. Susan Araas said:

    Thank you for your beautiful video. Breath of Heaven sung by Amy Grant has been my favorite Christmas song for many years, the images make it even more special. What a precious Christmas gift.

    Merry Christmas

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