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Gaudi: Little by Little

Little by little things return to normal. Returning recently from a month away puts things in a new perspective; when we left people were preparing to celebrate Halloween. Now a month later, the holidays are upon us and the Christmas decorations are seasoning the neighborhoods. The stores are in full shopping mode pulling out all the stops to lure us into giving them some of our money.

The flight over to Barcelona was interesting…I saw the sun rise from the window of the plane before I had actually slept. The pilot was eager to thrust us back into the light, perhaps we would be fooled into believing we were not tired.

Many times in my life the greatest ‘pilot’, Jesus, has thrust me back into the light.

The architect, Gaudi, obviously understood the power of light. Inside the Sagrada Familia Gaudi’s careful planning and design fills the huge space with natural light. The sunlight streams through the multi colored stained glass creating breath taking views. The whole space inside lifts your spirit to think of God.

I could not stand within this unfinished masterpiece without being in awe of the magnificence of God.

God inspired Gaudi to use his talent and vision to give us this structure…a house of prayer unlike any other. Little by little construction has continued in spite of numerous obstacles over many years.

Many times setbacks and obstacles have caused me to want to give up on a project. But as I stood in this church I was reminded that when you persevere wonderful things can be accomplished.

This church is still a work in progress…just as we all are works in progress.

Standing outside is unbelievable when you look up at the tall slender spires. More spires are in the plans as the construction continues…scheduled to be completed in 2026. I hope to always have another unique ‘spire’ in my life rising high up toward the heavens. A ‘spire’ to which I can aspire…a ‘spire’ which will inspire me to desire to reach higher… to fully become the woman God wants me to become.

Standing in the center, looking up at the ceiling towering high overhead made me think about Jonah in the belly of the very large fish. The inside structure is a bit like a giant rib cage.

Our rib cage is designed to protect our heart and lungs… without which we could not survive. This stone ‘rib cage’ surrounds the space where believers come tolift their hearts and minds in prayer to God. This strong ‘rib cage’ surrounds the space where Jesus comes into the bread and wine to nourish all who come forward to receive him in the Eucharist.

The Sagrada Familia Basilica captured my attention in spite of the effects of jet lag. Surprisingly, even though there were several hundred people inside the church it was remarkably quiet. People seemed to not only recognize, but also to respond to the sacredness of the space.

I look forward to our return visit. It would be especially wonderful to be able to attend Mass there and to hear the incredible pipe organ.

“Little by little” light is returning into my life. Spending time in this unique holy space brought me great peace and joy.
I hope you enjoy watching this Youtube video I discovered. The music is not what I would have chosen, but the photos give an idea of this architectural wonder.

This magnificent work of art truly gives Glory and Praise to God.

Comments on: "Gaudi: Little by Little" (3)

  1. Beautiful… 😉

  2. Wow! Amazing! I am so happy this was all planned ahead of time. God knew you were going to need this time of peace to heal your heart. I am glad you are home. Love you.

  3. I am so glad you are back safely. I have really missed you!

    Chris 🙂

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