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Patience…Waiting on God

Years ago I remember telling my mother… “Patience is a virtue; try and cultivate it”. Well needless to say she did not much appreciate my advice. She was mothering a house full of children and I had just come home for a visit from the convent. She tolerated my enthusiasm and chalked it off to the time period of my life. You know that time when you have finally gone off to college and now you know everything…at least so you think.

I did have the right words…for patience is a virtue but it takes a life time to work on
cultivating it.

Patience is not only waiting, but keeping a good attitude while you wait.

I now experience patience while sitting in traffic, at the airport, at the doctor’s office. Today I am thinking about the patience I am feeling now as I wait for the Lord. A loved one is suffering and I patiently wait for God. I wait for God to call her home to his side to stroll with him in the heavenly gardens. I wait for God to restore her in his own resurrection of the body.

I patiently wait…sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do, but wait. Patience seems such a contradiction in our world of constant motion and instant texting.

The word “patience” is derived from the Latin word pati, which means to suffer, to endure, to bear.

My dad knew about patience. He was an avid fisherman. When fishing, most of the time is spent patiently waiting for a bite. The reward is sometimes a nice catch followed by a yummy fish dinner.

When my friend plants her vegetable garden she experiences patience. She must wait for the plants to blossom and the tomato to grow before it can be harvested.

Patience is the fourth Fruit of the Spirit. Gal.5: 22-23 Patience has unique qualities…waiting without complaining.

St. Augustine says, “Patience is the companion of wisdom”. Wisdom…more than acquiring knowledge; but rather the ability to discern inner qualities.

Most things in life worth having take patience…All good things come to those who wait. Is that in the Bible? Something close, I think…maybe a Proverb?

I experienced patience with each pregnancy… waiting for the birth of our sons.

Patience fills the kitchen with the aroma of coffee brewing or that single cup of steeping hot Jasmine tea.

Patience is about being submissive to God’s timing in our lives. Patience is about carving out a place in your heart to sit awhile. Patience is sitting with love when we do not have the answers. Patience is about accepting when things are not going according to our way. Patience is keeping watch while a loved one slowly slips away a little more each day.


why is it a fruit  of the

Fruit, when ripe, has  a natural nourishing sweetness.

When will I be able to taste the sweetness of this fruit called Patience?



Jesus was patient even as his mother, Mary, urged him at the wedding feast of Cana to spare the couple embarrassment for running out of wine. Jesus was patiently waiting for ‘his time to come’. Jesus was patient with his disciples. Jesus is patient with me.

Patience is waiting for the rose bud to gently unfurl its petals. Patience is waiting for the delicate butterfly to fully emerge from the chrysalis. Patience is waiting for the storm to pass. Patience is waiting, after the rain, for the rainbow to arch across the sky.

Patience is waiting for God to call your loved one home from a lengthy illness.

I sometimes watch the tiny gecko on our bathroom window. It remains very still and patiently waits for a moth to flutter within reach. And then in a flash snatches the moth into its mouth. Patience.

I saw this on a poster…Patience is waiting until later for what you want now. Patience is waiting for God to lift your loved one into his eternal arms. Sometimes death is a blessing. I struggle with being impatient with God’s timing. I know we are never ready to lose a loved one, but it is agony to watch them suffer. I know God has a plan but this knowledge does not diminish the heart breaking pain. Patience.

Patience is the sculptor chiseling away at the block of stone bit by bit until the statue is revealed.

Patience is developed throughout our daily lives. Practicing Centering Prayer is one way that helps me to better appreciate patience. Just silently sitting…opening up my mind to the nothingness…just being in the moment…resting in the spirit.

Increase my patience, Lord. Grant me your peace within my soul. I thank you, Lord, for always being patient with me as I continue this journey. Shower me with your grace to carry on with trust and faith in your love. Scoop up my loved one into your arms and swiftly carry her home. Amen.

Comments on: "Patience…Waiting on God" (2)

  1. My Sister Sharon,
    This has been a long journey, and one to reflect on as we move forward. Our friend, our sister is now part of the communion of saints. Eternal rest grant unto Betty, Oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.

  2. “Patience is the companion of wisdom” Indeed and we all need some of it… Sending you hugs and blessings. May patience find you… 🙂

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