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 I was blessed to be part of ‘something bigger’ than one could have anticipated recently. You know you have been part of ‘something bigger’ when hearts are changed, eyes are opened, ears truly hear the spoken word. When you heart is cleared and polished do you know where it shows first? It shows in the twinkle of your eye. It then shows in the physical glow of your face.

I have heard it said that ‘the eyes are the windows of the soul’. If your heart and soul are glistening with the love of the Lord the evidence will be in your eyes.

mother daughter near water

  Have you ever gazed into the eyes of a child? Do you ever wish you could reclaim that sparkle?

When you look into another’s eyes you convey volumes of information to them about who you are. I have seen the eyes of women change after they have surrendered to the Lord’s mercy and love for them.

It bothers me to speak with someone wearing sunglasses and I think it is because I cannot see their eyes. I think it is important to make eye contact; even though today in our society we often chose not to make eye contact.

I read about this exercise called ‘eye gazing’, most effective when done with your spouse, but you can even do it with yourself in front of a mirror. The task is to stand before a mirror and gaze directly into your own eyes. At first it seems a little awkward, but eventually you begin to feel at peace with the essence of who you are. You begin to realize the intense love you have for yourself. When you love yourself you can reach out to others on a deeper level, accepting each person as they are. Eye gazing can create great stillness and calm. Eye gazing is all about ‘be-ing’ not doing.

I believe Jesus looked into the eyes of everyone he encountered. I believe it was his gaze that spoke volumes to each person. He was able to connect with their heart through his loving compassionate gaze into their eyes. Jesus can look into your soul.

I wonder when those who followed Jesus became aware that they were part of ‘something bigger’…was it when he cured the blind and lame…was it when he taught in the synagogue…was it when they broke bread together…was it when he raised Lazarus from the dead…or forgave the thief hanging next to him on the cross? Maybe some did not realize until he appeared to them in the upper room.

The truth is; we are all part of ‘something bigger’ every day of our lives.

I invite you to cherish this truth and become more aware of those you encounter with new eyes.

I invite you to watch this video by Sanctus Real titled Whatever You’re Doing…you are a part of ‘something bigger’…’something heavenly’.


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  1. Thanks for more thought-provoking words of wisdom….I always love ready your blog and never come away empty-handed. 🙂

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