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He is Risen!

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

Let us give Glory and Praise to the Lord

for he has

done great things for us.

Let us shout for Joy!

As we share in his death; we also share in his Resurrection!

We are called to live in him, through him, and with him.

We are called to live a life that is worthy.

We are called to live in Holiness.

Dear Jesus,

may I spread your fragrance everywhere I go.




Soul Stirrings: Waiting in Silence

Holy Saturday is about silent waiting. Jesus has been laid in the tomb, wrapped in the traditional burial cloths, and sealed in darkness with a large stone. We wait in the stillness of his promise of Resurrection. It is as if we are between breaths, the emptiness between words on a page. We wait with Mary.

Perhaps the women knew best this holding…this pause in the Divine plan. The other apostles may have still been in fear for their own safety, but the women kept watch. The women kept the hope alive through their silent waiting.

The agony of the crucifixion left them all numb and now there was this awful time of waiting. This kind of waiting I have experienced with many loved ones; as they wait for test results. In real life this silent waiting period does not always end in the Resurrection we had hoped. Sometimes the Resurrection is delayed and we may need to sit inside this Holy Saturday state a bit longer.

The Blessed Mother finds herself waiting again just as she was before the birth of Jesus. Once again she surrenders to the will of God the Father.

A mother feels such intense pain deep within at the loss of a child; Mary undoubtedly felt this agony mixed with the promise of her beloved Son’s Resurrection.

How she must have longed to hear his voice one more time…to look into his precious loving eyes. How she must have longed to hold him once again in her arms.

She might have heard echoing in her memory the words Simeon spoke, “And your own soul a sword shall pierce”.

She waited patiently filled with hope, clinging to the words her son spoke of returning on the third day. In spite of the stone blocking her from entering into the tomb with him; she kept watch nearby. In spite of the darkness within the tomb, Mary clings to hope.

The Blessed Mother is a brilliant example for us of Faith, Hope, and Love.  

Today the church leaves us in the stillness of darkness and sorrow to contemplate that Jesus died for each of us. The church appears barren. We have no Mass, no Holy Communion, and no Adoration.

We wait with Mary in silence.

Soul Stirrings: Drenched Senses

During this Holy Week we are literally drenched with what it means to be a human being. During this most Holy time we repeatedly hear proclaimed every aspect of what it means to be a flesh and blood human being. You might say we hear Jesus’ last days depicted through the ‘good, the bad, and the ugly’.

On Palm Sunday Jesus is gloriously greeted as one would welcome royalty into Jerusalem only later to be mocked, scourged, and spit upon. How does one begin to comprehend the dramatic chain of events that followed his triumphant entry?

This whole week our senses are pressed into overdraft. We are presented with Jesus celebrating his ‘last supper’ with his beloved disciples. The very men he called by name to ‘come and follow’ him. The men he most likely confided in and shared so many intimate things about who he was and what his heart desired to teach. These men had witnessed his healing touch and his ability to bless baskets that never emptied. They sat together on this night. They shared a simple meal of bread and wine. Jesus first attended to their human physical needs…nourishment for their bodies.

But then Jesus did something he had never done before…he rose from the table filled the basin with water and began to wash their feet. He knelt at the feet of each man and took their dusty dirty feet into his holy hands and poured the cool refreshing water over their feet. Jesus became ‘the humble servant’. He looked up into their eyes and down at their feet. He lovingly washed their feet as they sat speechless in confused disbelief.

How many times, Lord, do I also sit in confused disbelief?

How many times have I been speechless?

Would I sit still and let you wash my feet, Lord?

 If only I could wash his holy feet.

If only I could hold his foot in my hands and caress it with love and care.

If only I could kiss his feet that would be pierced with the nail.



May we be ever mindful of Jesus walking beside us.

May we be ever mindful that Jesus would have humbly washed your feet and my feet.

This week our senses are drenched with how Jesus fully embraced what it means to be human while holding within his Divinity.


Soul Stirrings:The Look of Love

Eye – Gazing with JESUS

Gaze into

the eyes of Jesus

Allow him to gaze back

into your eyes

Be Still

Gaze into the eyes of Love

Allow his eyes to gaze into your eyes

Streaming love into you

Filling your soul

Gaze deeply…


into the eyes of Jesus

Gaze into the eyes of Peace

Allow this peace to

Still your soul

Gaze into the eyes of Jesus.

Soul Stirrings:Something Bigger

 I was blessed to be part of ‘something bigger’ than one could have anticipated recently. You know you have been part of ‘something bigger’ when hearts are changed, eyes are opened, ears truly hear the spoken word. When you heart is cleared and polished do you know where it shows first? It shows in the twinkle of your eye. It then shows in the physical glow of your face.

I have heard it said that ‘the eyes are the windows of the soul’. If your heart and soul are glistening with the love of the Lord the evidence will be in your eyes.

mother daughter near water

  Have you ever gazed into the eyes of a child? Do you ever wish you could reclaim that sparkle?

When you look into another’s eyes you convey volumes of information to them about who you are. I have seen the eyes of women change after they have surrendered to the Lord’s mercy and love for them.

It bothers me to speak with someone wearing sunglasses and I think it is because I cannot see their eyes. I think it is important to make eye contact; even though today in our society we often chose not to make eye contact.

I read about this exercise called ‘eye gazing’, most effective when done with your spouse, but you can even do it with yourself in front of a mirror. The task is to stand before a mirror and gaze directly into your own eyes. At first it seems a little awkward, but eventually you begin to feel at peace with the essence of who you are. You begin to realize the intense love you have for yourself. When you love yourself you can reach out to others on a deeper level, accepting each person as they are. Eye gazing can create great stillness and calm. Eye gazing is all about ‘be-ing’ not doing.

I believe Jesus looked into the eyes of everyone he encountered. I believe it was his gaze that spoke volumes to each person. He was able to connect with their heart through his loving compassionate gaze into their eyes. Jesus can look into your soul.

I wonder when those who followed Jesus became aware that they were part of ‘something bigger’…was it when he cured the blind and lame…was it when he taught in the synagogue…was it when they broke bread together…was it when he raised Lazarus from the dead…or forgave the thief hanging next to him on the cross? Maybe some did not realize until he appeared to them in the upper room.

The truth is; we are all part of ‘something bigger’ every day of our lives.

I invite you to cherish this truth and become more aware of those you encounter with new eyes.

I invite you to watch this video by Sanctus Real titled Whatever You’re Doing…you are a part of ‘something bigger’…’something heavenly’.