Everyday Spirituality

The Samaritan woman ultimately allowed others to see and hear what God had been up to in her life. She was thirsty for knowledge of her own purpose in her community. She had been out cast and felt displaced and unworthy to come with the other women to the well. She chose to protect her fragile identity by coming alone to the well in the heat of the day assuring that she would be there alone…and therefore not to be judged and ridiculed. She came to know her true worth as a beloved daughter of God through her unexpected encounter with Jesus at the well. The well where she had to go in order to survive since it was the only source of water. Her intention was to quickly fill her bucket and make the journey back to the village without being noticed. At the well she was confronted by the goodness and acceptance of the presence of Jesus. He confronts us with his goodness and acceptance too. He meets where we must go. It did not matter to Jesus what the woman’s past had been he wanted to quench her thirst for being a whole person. We all thirst to be known for the person we aspire to be. We all want to be something better than our past story tells. Jesus wanted her to move forward with her life and LIVE her life to the fullest. She was forever changed by her conversation with Jesus that day. She was moved by how without her knowledge she was totally transparent before him. He was able to see into the depths of her soul. He was able to see all that she was trying to hide from others. He was able to see past everything she thought as negative. He was able to give her the opportunity to move from the shadow and into the light of his love for her. He satisfied the thirst within her for so much more than the cool water from Jacob’s well could satisfy.

“So I came out to meet you, to look for you, and I have found you!” Prov. 7:15


Please join me in lifting up those in our lives who need to encounter Jesus at the well of their life. Carry them to the well in your prayers and thoughts. May they meet the Lord where they must go to survive. Dear Lord, through your gentle accepting presence draw my loved ones to your heart where they can safely remain.

Only you, Lord, can Quench our Thirst!




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  1. Another beautiful post, Sharon. 🙂

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