Everyday Spirituality

Random Blessings

How you look at things in your life can translate to how you see your blessings too. Recently I came across a posting titled “25 Random Things about Me.” So I began my list of 25 things and it occurred to me that I should be counting these as blessings in my life.

Blessings given to me have made me the person I am today. Certainly there are things I would like to change from time to time. But in reality those too can be turned into some of my random blessings.

Here is my list of 25 Random Blessings.

1. Motherhood 2. Marriage 3. Friendships 4. Music 5. Singing for the healing Mass 6. Proclaiming the Word of God 7. Collecting butterflies 8.Baking cornbread from scratch 9. Spending Wednesday’s with mother and sister 10. Reading 11. Playing the piano 12. Becoming a spiritual director 13. Loving my husband 14. Talking with children 15. Petting the cat 16. Eleven sisters and brothers 17. Seven day cruises 18. Pedicures/manicures 19. Cozy blankets 20. My Blue eyes 21.Years spent in religious life 22.Lavendar scented candles 23. Playing one of the Seven Dwarfs 24. Sunsets over the ocean 25. Gurgling water fountains.

I am posting a challenge to my readers this month.

Challenge of the month: respond below by posting your own 25 Random Blessings.

I look forward to reading yours. Leave your first name or post with a “pen” name.

May you be blessed always in all ways.



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