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World Labyrinth Day

As I am writing this post people in our central time zone are walking a labyrinth in solidarity of the celebration of World Labyrinth Day. The theme this year is “We Walk as One at 1”. So for 24 hours people around the globe are “Walking the Sacred Path” as Dr. Lauren Artress titled her book on the labyrinth.

I was introduced to the labyrinth several years ago at a conference. The more I experience the process of walking the labyrinth path the more I have come to cherish this time. Every time I am near a labyrinth I try to make the time to enter and surrender to the leading of the design. The walk is like no other; you can let your mind go and focus on your connection with the ground or the empty center. The beauty of the labyrinth is that you can just walk there are no choices to make no decisions to make. You just walk and let the path lead you. Sometimes you are near the outer edge sometimes you are near the center, sometimes there are long straight sections, sometimes there are sharp turns and curves. Along with these comes the awareness that you are headed into the very center. The emptiness of the center, the stillness of the center; where you can pause a while in peaceful surrender before you begin the journey out back into the world.

When you leave the center the way you look at things can be very different. You have allowed yourself to be silently led along the path. There is a sense, for me, of wellbeing. I think of the words spoken by Jesus, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life” John  14: 6.

Walking the labyrinth can be a time of quiet solitude. A time to reflect on the Way to the heart of Jesus who is the center of our life.

I pray that when you have the opportunity to walk a labyrinth you will embrace it with an open heart and soul.

In a future post I will give some more information about the labyrinth like how it is different from a maze. A labyrinth is closely related to a spiral.

May you be Blessed…

Enjoy this finger labyrinth download.


Comments on: "World Labyrinth Day" (1)

  1. Thank-You for your beautiful introduction and explanation of the benefits of labyrinths to all your blog readers!

    As a labyrintiste’, ie, maker,of labyrinths (here in St. Louis, MO./Labyrinth Enterprises), I am thrilled to see more of the massses find the peacefulness, connectivity and joy – among other things – that the labyrinth can bring to their lives!

    It is a calling like no other and I am blessed to be a part of it and excited to see it shared; becasuse I know what it can do for peope and humanity.
    thanx for spreading the word!

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