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Little Things Count

Well we have come to the close of the Olympics and what a spectacular program it was. As I watched Michael Phelps compete in swimming and consistently break records and as I watched the women compete in the gymnastics it became evident just how important the little things are.

Water in Phelps goggles may seem small, but when you are swimming for an olympic gold medal you hardly have the time to worry about a little water. Little Things Count! A tear in your swim suit at the last minute when you are about to step up onto the starting blocks, a little thing, but so devestating at the last minute when everything you have been practicing for for at least the last four years comes down to a rip in your suit. Little Things Count!

Then the swimming event of Phelps’ life… to win the race…to beat his closest competitor by one one  hundredth of a second…the difference of a pencil eraser…the length of a fingernail. Little Things Count!

I watched an American gymnist receive an excellent score only to discover that it was a tie with the Chinese gymnist who performed first.  The procedure to determine the tie breaking score would ultimately come down to one one hundredth of a point between winning the Gold medal and the Silver medal. Little Things Count!

I began to think about how many little things make a big difference. I would like to share my thoughts about some of them. A smile was at the top of the list I jotted down in my notes. A smile is such a little gesture, but it can warm the heart of a stranger, calm the fears of a sad child, say you are loved to your spouse or a close friend. Little things Count! How about saying Thank you?  Two little words that can make a big difference in someones life. Studies have shown that being grateful can actually improve your health. How can we ignore something so simple so easy that has such immense potential. Little Things Count!

A friend of mine who’s son has been in the Marines was learning about helicopters and reported about a very important piece of hardware. A single bolt interestingly called the Jesus Bolt. If this bolt fails the helicopter blades will separate from the body and the crew will be closer to meeting Jesus as they crash to the ground. One little bolt. Little Things Count.

I am currently staffing a retreat and the theme is Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth.” Salt is something very tiny, but yet when it is missing from our food we quickly notice. You sprinkle it on food it disappears and a little bit goes a long way. Can you imagine french fries without salt? Little Things Count. There are other things used in the Bible that exemplfy the importance of small things. I will continue this post  next time. Until then remember…Little Things Count…more than you think.

The Balance Beam

This week with the Olympics in full swing it has made me think about my life. It is inspiring to hear about how hard the athletes train every day. They are vivid examples of perseverance; never giving up in spite of difficulty and or opposition. Without the ability,, drive and desire to persevere not one of those athletes would have made it to the Olympics. They model for all of us what it means to focus and live in the now. What it means to want something so bad that you can almost taste it. They bring to life the reality of the mantra ‘Believe in yourself’. It’s easy to believe in yourself when things are going well, but when things are falling apart it is much harder. What in my life am I that dedicated to? What do I give 110 percent to in my life? 

 Sometimes I feel like I am walking on a Balance Beam the balance beam of life. A creation in my own imagination, since I am no certainly no gymnast.  Life is like walking on a balance beam… As long as you stay focused you can keep your feet landing firmly on the beam, but if you loose focus you can find yourself on the floor. A number of balance checks can shake or even shatter your confidence and break your concentration.  There are so many things in life that can shatter your focus; illness, spouses, the work place, children to name just a few.

Life on the Beam requires perseverance, focus, believing, and living in the present.

Care Pages

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CARE PAGES is the first site dedicated solely to helping patients, their families and their friends cope with the emotional difficulties caused by a health event. It offers free, self-created web pages that make it easy for these individuals to talk to and comfort each other, plus unique resources to guide them on what to do and say during these experiences. Today, millions of members from 190 countries participate in this nurturing community. CarePages, Inc. is part of Revolution Health Group LLC whose goal is to empower people to take control of their health care.

My friend has been in critical care for the past month and through the use of care pages we have bee able to get updates from her husband and other family members. Another wonderful feature about care pages is that her friends can post messages and the family can read and print them out for the patient.

My friend is in need of a lung transplant , but is too ill to undergo the serious surgery. The doctors are trying everything at their disposal to restore her to good health.

Many people from across the country are praying for her. I do believe in the power of prayer. I invite you to join us in praying for a miracle for this wonderful giving dynamic gifted woman. Truly a daughter of God. She calls herself a princess, since God is our King.